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Download your Novelty App and enjoy the various discount and rewards from our various merchants!

Over 1,000 merchant and partners from many industries ranging from top end retailer from Food, Travel, Education, Technology, Fashion and many more. The reward scheme gives you various discounts up to 30% and rewards on special promotions. Join us now!

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Modern day loyalty cards are crowded at every store and retailers and its popularity convinced you to have one in your wallet. The question is, the marketplace is filled with 100’s and 1000’s of stores everywhere. Now, does that mean you have to stack 100s and 1000s of cards in your wallet, or apps in your phone?

How about just one card or one app for all your favourite stores?

How Novelty Card benefits your Education and Student Life

200+ Merchant Partners

Discounts on Courses

Shopping Discounts

Promotional Notifications

Special discounts for students from our Universities & Colleges and Merchant partners.

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Simple registration

It is as simple as downloading, registering and then start using it

Use your card in multiple stores

With us, you can choose your lifestyle and collect points from a wider range of retailers.

Pay your shopping through the app!

All your shopping needs and purchases in one app – any time, any place and anywhere!


Steps to follow

General Discounts
For every Rs.100 you spend you will get Rs. 1 from every merchant anywhere!

Special Discounts
Up to 30% Discount at selected merchants, products or services

Rewards & Incentives
Get rewarded for being a loyal customer/student from our Merchants & Partners

Bundle Deals
Grab great offers on various complementary items sold together from different brands and stores!

Seasonal Deals
Get discounts and deals on limited products throughout the year!

Cross Promotions
Some of your favourite brand & stores are working together to give you great deals and offers.

Collect points to spend
Collect and spend points from anywhere. Look out for our double points events!

Make payments through the App
Save all your card details in one place to make payment

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Become a Novelty Card Merchant Partner!

The Novelty Extended Loyalty Program (NELP) is designed to provide customers a lifestyle, the most exquisite kind of shopping experience with access to a broader product and service range amongst larger network of businesses & groups. Be part of the extended Loyalty Program.


Novelty Card is not based on only students, this application can be used by any person to claim discounts.

You can simply signup with your E-mail ID and Mobile No. hence we also offer the G -mail account, and Facebook to automatically join you with the application. Applications to be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store

You can add the card details in you account. We do accept and cards as Eg: Credit/ Debit, Amex, American Express.

Yes, all the products and services have a real time discount expiring date

No, we do not restrict and have specific limits for the customer to claim rewards with a day.