Increase customer loyalty, repeat purchases and new sales with Novelty Extended Loyalty Programme

Loyalty programmes have evolved throughout history. Once they existed simply to reward loyal customers when spending at a store, today the loyalty programmes are rewarding customers for variety of desired actions! From points at eBay, social media shares, fuels at gas stations, extended customer referrals that drive new customers & grow revenue, the options for customers rewards are almost endless.

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    Customer Loyalty programmes have a very long history. Around the 17th century the American retailers found a solution to retain their customers by offering them “copper tokens” with purchases that could be later redeemed for products on future purchases.

    However, in the early 18th century, retailers quickly realised that using of copper tokens is too costly to promote customer loyalty, and around 1891 the “Green Shield Stamps” became one of the first retail loyalty programmes. They could arguably be considered as the predecessor of popular programmes like Air Miles and Airlines do today.

    Typical Customer Loyalty Model

    However, the modern-day Customer Loyalty Programme is becoming less & less popular among customers are becoming more & more price sensitive and are reaching out for deals at giants and online stores. Businesses are grossly losing customer loyalty and the typical loyalty programme is not a solution anymore.

    The Novelty Extended Loyalty Model

    The Novelty-Card Mobile app, Novelty Extended Loyalty Programme (NELP) is built on leading-edge technology for maximising and improving customer Interactions, Sales & Businesses growth.

    The Novelty Extended Loyalty Programme (NELP) is designed to provide customers a lifestyle, the most exquisite kind of shopping experience with access to a broader product and service range amongst larger network of businesses & groups.

    Key features of Novelty Extended Loyalty Programme (NELP)

    Customer visit in store or online:

    The sole purpose of a loyalty programme is to increase customer retention and entice for repeat purchases and brand advocacy. According to a report published by ‘Accenture’ found that over 66% of UK & US customers spent more on brands that they were emotionally attached to and are to and the finding continued with some interesting insights about the power of loyalty programmes.

    Increase in Repeat Sales

    The repeat purchases of the customers are the primary metric on which the success of a loyalty program is measured. There shall be no doubt that a carefully designed customer loyalty programme could increase sales 30% from existing total revenue. Otherwise, highly recommended to do an in-depth analysis of the program to fix the underlying issue.

    Healthy Relationship with the Customers

    Throughout years loyalty programmes have steadily transformed from a simple transaction to a more emotional and personal connection between the brands and its customers. This is evident in the way more brands are incorporating higher and attractive personalisation experiential rewards into loyalty programmes. Consumers also increasingly expecting early access and VIP benefits in return for their loyalty at specific brands. As a result, several brands have incorporated their loyalty programmes into the Customer Relationship System (CRM)

    Increased Average Order Value (AOV)

    The Average Order Value (AOV) reveals how much a customer shall typically spend every time they visit in store or online. It is simple but a vital metric because you are increasing your overall revenue with zero ac- quisition costs. With effective promotions and value propositions it is easier to entice an existing customer to tack in a few more bucks to their order than convincing a new visitor to go through the entire sales funnel.

    Improves Brand Perception

    Loyalty programmes offer far more grater insights abouts customers, such as their demographic, pur- chase patterns, products & service preferences, and many more compared to a purchase order on an invoice. The data gathered through a loyalty programme is extremely credible and valuable as it reveals the true preference of a customer and over the years, brands have realised its potential as a data goldmine. Improve customer lifestyle & value proposition.

    The Novelty Extended Loyalty Programme (NELP) shall evolve your existing loyalty programme, transforming your customer perception to a much richer and wider shopping experience beyond your store and brands. The NELP shall connect your store, brands and your customers with another desired store and brands whereas, in return you shall gain access to reach out customers from other stores and brands to have a joint and collaboration deals and promotions and providing you a Decisive Customer Group.

    Our Merchant Partners

    University of Law

    Ranking: 1st in overall student satisfaction in England in the 2020 National Student Survey

    No. of International Students: 8,000+ Students

    A leading provider of legal education in the UK, the University of Law offers degrees that cover the full range of legal topics. With a reputation for providing innovative, professional legal training for prospective lawyers and training for those already in practice, the UoL is at the forefront of legal education. Our training and development services have been provided to virtually every UK-based law firm over the years, with many companies sending their trainees exclusively to us. In 2006, we became the first independent institution to be granted degree awarding powers by the Privy Council, creating our professionally-focused Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

    University Canada West

    Ranking: 9th Best Online University in Canada 2021

    No. of Students: 3,700+ Students

    UCW transforms students into leadership-ready graduates by offering innovative business and technology courses. We are a dynamic and growing institution characterized by close ties with business and a dynamic and practical learning environment. We're also committed to excellent student services. Students at UCW benefit from an environment that fosters their development as successful business leaders. In addition, students gain a practical understanding of business and are supported in developing skills.

    University of Worcester International College

    Ranking: 26th in Worldwide for Quality Education in New Rankings

    No. of Students: 2,000+ Students

    The University of Worcester is a close-knit and high-achieving community where students are supported to succeed at every level. The University has been ranked in the top 3 in the UK for Quality Education in all three years - 2019, 2020 and 2021 - of the Times Higher Education’s University Impact Rankings, which assess how universities globally are meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The University has also been the No.1 university in England for Gender Equality in all three years of the rankings.

    St. Marys University

    Ranking: 86th in the Times University Guide 2021

    No. of International Students: 5,500+ Students

    As a strong and welcoming community of students and staff, we are dedicated to the highest standards of teaching across a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Additionally, we have an active research culture and environment. We are an inclusive institution with a mission to ensure that students of all backgrounds and faiths receive a high-quality education at St Mary's. With almost 10% of our students being international, more than 90 nationalities represented on campus, and a high level of support from staff and student services, you will quickly feel at home.

    Evergreen College

    Ranking: 50 th in Regional Universities West

    No. of International Students: 2,281+ Students

    Evergreen College is registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. We are members of the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) and Career Colleges of Ontario (CCO). This gives our students the comfort of knowing that our college is held to the highest standards of accountability and honesty. Evergreen College Canada offers programs as undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses in Business Administration in International Trading, Hospitality Management. All the programs at Evergreen College are available for students whole year round.

    Toronto School of Management

    Ranking: Most Innovative Management Program School

    With a diverse student body from over 80 countries, we welcome students from around the world and our advisors are dedicated to providing end-to-end guidance every step of the way. Toronto School of Management (TSoM) is an innovative college offering a range of industry-relevant programs, designed to ensure our students meet the demands of today’s ever-changing job market. We strive to develop and inspire the next generation of leaders. Our academic focus is on practical, hands-on learning to give you the skills that will prepare you for the business world. By taking part in work experience with our partners, you’ll be able to apply the theories you’ve learned in class to a real workplace and see how decisions and solutions are made

    Trebas Institute

    Ranking: 326 th in Ranking web of universities

    Number of International Students : 3,000+ Students

    At Trebas Institute, we prepare our students to become exceptional leaders. We are passionate about teaching you the latest industry trends and connecting you with industry experts so you can have an edge after graduation. Diversity, innovation and excellence are the cornerstones of what we do. With small classes taught by experienced faculty, high-quality programs, and excellent facilities, you'll leave Trebas Institute with the most contemporary skills and knowledge -- and have the opportunity to work with companies such as Ubisoft, Virgin EMI Canada, and Universal Music Group. Trebas’ programs are accredited by the Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (Québec), taught in English and French and are constantly updated to match market changes. With a strong network of business partners and dedicated careers services, Trebas is truly dedicated to your success.

    Toronto Film School

    Ranking: 4th best film school in Canada by World scholarship forum

    No. of International Students: 2,000+ Students

    The Toronto Film School (TFS) is one of Canada's top-ranked film schools, known for attracting award-winning faculty and producing award-winning graduates. We offer undergraduate & graduate programs in film, entertainment, fashion, and video games (on & off campus). In a high-energy and inspiring environment, you will receive mentorship from industry experts. As a result, you will gain industry experience and expand your professional network. Through hands-on, industry-based portfolio projects that showcase your work to prospective employers, you will convert your creativity into practical skills. From the very first day of the program, the Toronto Film School students begin networking. Industry-active faculty not only bring industry insights to the classroom but also provide access to industry contacts.

    Yorkvill University

    Ranking: 169 th country rank in Ranking Web of Universities

    No. of International Students: 1,600+ Students

    Yorkville University began with a simple idea: to provide flexible, rigorous, career-focused degrees to individuals interested in the future both on and off campus. Our proud graduates use their degrees to launch, advance, or change careers. Yorkville University's degrees are designed to prepare students for careers that demand professional knowledge, skills, and designations. A combination of campus and online programs are available for flexible degree programs. We welcome students from around the world to Yorkville University. More than 35 countries have sent students to finish our career-oriented degree programs.

    Queens University

    Ranking: 31st in Times University Guide 2021

    No. of International Students: 2000+ Students

    Based in Belfast, it is the 9th oldest university in the UK and a member of the elite Russell Group (the UK’s Ivy League) of UK research-intensive universities, combining excellence in research and education with a student-centred ethos. The best part is that their student accommodation is the lowest cost in the UK with state-of-the-art rooms in the heart of the city centre.

    MLC College

    Ranking: 386 th in Ranking web of universities

    No. of Students: 4,000+ Students

    We are a new era training college with a focus on imparting “state-of-the-art” management, technology and healthcare education to the young generation as well as mid-career professionals holding their hand all the way till you get your first genuine career break. We are committed to building your career today and tomorrow helping you every step of the way from imparting knowledge to building careers through systematic and practical approaches. Our testimony is not what we teach to our students but what they achieve after the study. Success in a career is the philosophy as well the heart and soul of our college. We will continue to strive to build a better future for our students and ensure that they understand the complexities of the current marketplace to make a successful career.

    Bangor University

    Ranking: No. 1 in the UK for the lowest cost of living for students

    No. of International Students: 2500+ Students

    Want something different? Well, look no further. Founded in 1884, dedicated to academic excellence for more than 135 years, Bangor University is one of the oldest and most prestigious degree awarding institutions in the UK. Over 2,500 international students from 120 countries choose to study at Bangor University. At Bangor, you'll find excellent teaching a welcoming community, and one of the best overall student experiences in the UK.

    Norquest College

    Ranking: 132nd in Ranking Web of Universities

    No. of Students: 21,000+ Students

    With the strength of a NorQuest College education, our learners have the skills and confidence to further their studies, begin new careers, provide better lives for their families, and make valuable contributions to society. At NorQuest, we have a unique ability to provide students with the skills Alberta needs in a supportive and inclusive environment. And with input from industry, business, and the public sector, we make learning relevant and rewarding. We understand that our learners come with varying levels of education and we assist them at the times and places that meet their needs, whether that is in the classroom, via distance learning or continuing education. We help identify their strengths, work on their areas of need, and move them towards exciting learning paths and life-changing careers.

    St Lawrence College

    Ranking: 116th in Top College in Canada

    No. of Students: 20,000+ Students

    Completing your higher education at St. Lawrence College (SLC) is the first step on your journey to a rewarding career in Canada, or anywhere in the world. Join our welcoming, supportive college community. SLC has three campuses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall, Ontario, in the heart of 1000 Islands along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. We are indeed one of the most prestigious organizations in the country that can help its graduates land some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada, with an employment rate of nearly 88.1%, a score significantly higher than the province average.

    Canadian College

    Ranking: 217 th in Ranking web of universities

    No. of International Students: 1000+ Students

    Canadian College is a private college in Vancouver esthablished in 2008.It is located in British Columbia, Canada. The college offers a wide range of diploma and certificate programmes in Business, Hospitality, International Trade, Project Management, IT and Social Media. The college is a member of: PCTIA, FITT, AH&LA American Hotel & Lodging Association. The College works with several companies to help bring you the highest quality education such as Windows, adobe, Redhat. Canadian College has the advantage of offering dual credentials for some of our programmes. The 2nd credential is awarded from St Lawrence College, which is a public college located in Kingston, Ontario.

    Langara College

    Ranking: 81st in Canada by the Ranking Web of Universities 2021

    No. of International Students: 6,000+ Students

    Start at Langara; go anywhere. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is the home of Langara College. With over 23,000 students enrolled at Langara College every year, the college is committed to helping students find their path into the world of work. We are located in Vancouver, one of the most liveable cities on earth, where students have access to all the things a big city has to offer while still being able to get a sense of the beautiful natural landscapes. There are more than 1,700 courses at the college in more than 130 programs. Students have access to more than 70 career programs giving them a realistic view of what a new career will entail.

    Sprott Shaw College

    Ranking: 173rd in Ranking Web of Universities

    No. of International Students: 500+ Students

    Sprott Shaw College has a long-standing reputation of equipping our students with innovative ways of thinking across our accredited campus locations. As a renowned educational institution, Sprott Shaw College understands how important it is to teach, to guide, and to learn. Jumpstart your career at Sprott Shaw today with over 130 career-focused college programs, monthly start dates, flexible scheduling, lifetime job placement assistance, course refreshers, and skills upgrading.

    Lakeland College

    Ranking: 33rd in top performers of Social mobility by US news and world report

    No. of International Students: 7,000+ Students

    The Lakeland College in Canada was founded in 1931 as a board-governed, publicly-financed college. The college was established with the mission and vision of promoting agriculture which soon diversified into other programs such as business, human services health and Wellness environmental science and many more. Our award-winning programs make it easy to move into the workforce or further your studies. We offer many programs such as agricultural and environmental sciences, business studies, trades technology, etc. The college has been rated among Canada's top 50 research colleges, and its facilities include crop plots to a renewable energy centre.

    C3S School of Business

    Ranking: 195 th country rank in Ranking Web of Universities

    No. of International Students: 2,500+ Students

    Are you looking to gain a unique educational experience? We've got you covered. Founded in the year 2014, Castelldefels School of Social Science (C3S Business School) is a private business school located in the heart of Barcelona. The university aims to provide students with the knowledge, training, and expertise needed to succeed in today's global business environment.

    The internationally accredited degree you earn at C3S Business School will unlock infinite career possibilities for you. You’ll join an exciting, thriving community that is ready to make a name for itself on the world stage.

    Justice Institute of British Columbia

    Ranking: 129th in Country Rank by Ranking Web of Universities

    No. of Students: 32,000+ Students

    Gain an international education at JIBC, Canada’s leading public safety educator with a mission to develop dynamic justice and public safety professionals through its exceptional applied education, training and research. We provide internationally recognized certifications, diplomas, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and graduate certificates, as well as excellent continuing education for professional and career development. We also provide tailored training services to government and private organizations around the globe. We prepare professionals with the skills, knowledge, and abilities to contribute to a safer society and a more just community at every stage of their careers.

    Birmingham City University

    Ranking: 79th in QS World University Rankings

    No. of International Students: 6,000+ Students

    The Birmingham City University has an enviable reputation for providing quality, student-focused education in a professional and friendly environment. A modern and dynamic international university, with staff, students, and alumni from more than 100 countries. With 24,500 students in the second-largest city in the UK, Birmingham City University is 7th in the UK for employability. They offer over 400 programs covering a huge range of subject areas, from art to business and engineering to fashion.

    Wrexhan Glyndwr University

    Ranking: 107th in the Guardian University Guide 2021

    No. of Students: 6,000+ Students

    Wrexham Glyndwr University became the 10th university in Wales when it became recognized by the Welsh government in 2008. It is located in Wrexham, the largest town in north Wales, and remains an accredited institution of the University of Wales, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional courses. Students learn from faculty who are skilled in their fields. The university's academic curriculum is composed of a variety of courses that are divided into several departments. There is also a wide selection of courses in Engineering, Humanities, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Sports Sciences, Health & Social Care, Art & Design, Computing, Communication Technology, Nursing, Social Work, Science, and Music Technology.

    University of Chester

    Ranking: 81st in University Rankings - The Guardian 2021

    No. of Students: 20,000+ Students

    With 20,000 students from 130 countries, The University of Chester offers a vibrant, diverse, and safe environment for international students. There are over 400 courses offered across all levels at specialist locations with state-of-the-art facilities, offering a comprehensive training range. The University of Chester offers courses that focus on practical learning to improve prospects via industry placements or abroad opportunities from five weeks to one year; classes are available for full-time courses and part-time courses.

    Key Benefits for merchants from Novelty Extended Loyalty Program

    Increase on customer loyalty

    Increase on customer lifetime Value

    Increase customer retention

    Improves customer perception and brand advocacy

    Substantial Increase in sales growth

    Reduce acquisition costs

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